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Wood Lane Chippy

NAME: Wood Lane (Claypit Lane chippy)
TYPE: Fish & Chip Shop
LOCATION: Wood Lane Facing UP Claypit Lane

COMMENTS: This black/white building is now converted in to normal living property (ie a house) but before that it was a pet shop and even further back a chippy. Even today looking at the front it still has the characteristic long shop front with the entrance to the right,back then when entering the counter ran left to right with the game to the far left side on to the window.
Not many titles here- we are uncertain that `Venture` was here my cousin recalls me saying the game was there all those years ago but i am not sure if i told him i had dreamt it was in there that is how uncertain we are unsure! nod smiley so we have left it out of list. The only other 2 games here are `EYES` by Techstar (Rock Ola) Eyes arcade game by Rockola-good game! which along with Pengo and Lady bug has to be one of my favourite arcade games and one i am looking to purchase! ,the other game was our local alternative to Pacman `GANET` which is really `Hangly man` a Pacman variant with multiple exits and round buffer type maze sections.

Known arcade games that have been at this location...

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Eyes-Rock ola GANET - (Hangley Man.Pac Variant-hack)



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