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22nd July 2006~Holte Suite Villa Park-Aston

Accompanied by: Bonesy& Br2000ad

We had trouble getting to Aston with midland metro problems and the tickets did not arrive that morning - anyhow we did finally arrive at the venue and on entering the Holte suite with my Paypal ticket receipts at the ready it was explained no tickets had been sent out and the inside of our arm was stamped with `The Pinball Show` stamp....we were in.
After all that it was worth the hassle getting there as it was a really good show - i am of course more into arcade vids but i played a fair few pins the first one was called Hurricane which was pretty awesome then Swords of Fury before walking to the Competition area. I decided to give it a try, i have not played much pinball and was more attracted to having my name and score displayed on a huge projection screen than actually winning anything.
In the Tournament pins as i have an interest in the Poker scene i decided to play World Poker Tour and follow that with Monster Bash but i did go back later in the show when Xenon had been repaired and boy was that a mistake! Xenon is utter pants with the ball an almost certainty to go down the side access or straight between the flippers! and it had nothing to do with the three pints of beer i had before i went back either. Another pin that disappointed me in a similar way was the original Star Trek ball straight down the middle!!!
It was good to see some of the Jamma+ guys again Dsyde,Outrun and Colin-D and i found the full size remote control Dalek highly amusing (and so did the many kids who were playing chase with it).
Towards the end of the show for that day they announced a price draw for those who entered the pin competition and one of my tickets was drawn! and i selected a new Philishave COOLSKIN with cartridges as a prize.ive won something at last!!!!!
So overall the pinball show was great and i recommend it to everyone of all ages, it had a really good atmosphere which did seem lacking at some of the other shows. I think personally the pins are good fun and almost seem to generate an exciting aura / atmosphere themselves - i will look forward to the next pinball show.-Regards Steve Dixon (Jj)

Jj rating 8.5/10
Br2000ad rating 8/10
Bones rating 8/10
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Bonesy in the Williams area Bonesy in Jamma+ tent Bonesy in Jamma+ tent 2 Bonesy in Jamma+ tent 3 Brad in Jamma+ tent Br2000ad and Bonesy in Jamma+ tent Dalek at the pinball show Eugine Jarvis name on Tom Cat pin Fruits area of show  Jamma+ tent Me (jammajup) with a Dalek Pacman pin Pin action at show! Pin action at show! Pin action at show! Pin action at show! Pin action at show! Pin action at show! Pin action at show! Tounament scores at show Tounament scores at show Tounament scores at show Tounament scores at show Tounament scores at show Tounament scores at show Arm stamp for entry to show Tounament area at show Tounament pins at show Tounament pins at show
Bonesy action pic! Br200ad on Galaxian Duke in Williams area Duke in Williams area Duke in Williams area F14 tomcat pin Hurricane pinball (very good pin this one) Scores for monster Bash,im displayed 4th from top I like Star Trek but not the pin im afraid it sucked!!! Swords Of Fury pinball What i came back from the Pinball show with!

Video Footage

Bones in action (1MB-6sec)

Bones in action (1.5MB-6sec)

Brad on Galaxian with Bonesy at table (3MB-13sec)

Brad in Williams area (3MB-12sec)

Brad in Jamma+ tent (2MB-10sec)

Brad in Jamma+ tent (3MB-12sec)

Remote control Dalek in tournament area (10MB-54sec)

Remote control Dalek in entrance area (6MB-10sec)

Remote control Dalek in entrance area (6MB-26sec)

Remote control Dalek in entrance area (3MB-9sec)

Remote control Dalek in pins area (4MB-19sec)

Kids having fun with Dalek at the show (1.5MB-10sec)

Bones and Brad in Jamma+ tent (dark in there!) (2MB-8sec)

Bones and Brad in Jamma+ tent (dark in there!) (8MB-47sec)

360 view inside Jamma+ tent (1MB-47sec)

Duke Of Shrewsbury Dukes (1.7MB-6sec)

Entrance Hall/Williams area (2MB-8sec)

Hurricane Pinball (1MB-5sec)

Jamma+ tent (a Dark Jamma+ tent) (1MB-5sec)

Jamma+ tent (a Dark Jamma+ tent) (4MB-5sec)

Left side of tent (1.8MB-7sec)

Main Pinball Hall (3.5MB-15sec)

Pins in action!!! (3MB-18sec)

Pins in action!!! (1.8MB-7sec)

Tournament pins in action!!! (2MB-8sec)

Pins/fruits in action!!! (2.3MB-10sec)

Pins in action!!! (3MB-13sec)

Pins in action!!! (3MB-14sec)

Pins in action!!! (2.7MB-11sec)

Tournament Area (1.2MB-5sec)

Tournament Area (3.8MB-17sec)

Tournament Area (3MB-14sec)

Panchinkos (2.7MB-14sec)


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