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I am a very long way from learning any code or assembly language so its back to `JSWed` the Jetset Willy & Manic Miner Editor for the last time to create Terry The Turtle and i am staying with a wildlife theme with this game.

So after a major hurricane the turtles hatch to find the trial of life run across the beach more even more difficult as the whole island has been transformed by the bad weather,in this game you play Terry who has quite an adventure on his way to deep sea.
*128 screens
*Unlike JSW clone games all items do not have to be collected to complete the game and you simply have to get Terry to deep sea.
*Once again dotted around the game map there are tribute screens to other video games but unlike my previous game `Pip` these tribute screens are not hidden.
*Game variations have their own difficulty level denoted by colour so you can select your challenge or choose to play them all.
Download the Instructions for more info.

128K ZX Spectrum

Game File (.tap file) Instructions Project Material
T.T.T YELLOW - Normal
T.T.T CYAN - Intermediate
T.T.T RED - Hard
Instructions (.txt)
Instructions (.doc)
Project Material (ZIP)

Terry the turtle on the beach
Terry hatches and runs along the beach to find the sea.
Terry The Turtle in the underground ruins
Terry in the underground ruins zone.

Terry the turtle exploring the cave system
Terry exploring the cave system under the sea.
Terry the turtle meets Medusa
Terry in the ancient Greece area,here he meets Medusa and yes she is animated.

Terry the turtle in HADES
Terry in HADES
Terry the turtle tribute to the game HERO
One of the many tribute screens in the game.

Terry the turtle and the giant rana
Terry underground encounters giant frogs.

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