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Fist 2 (Way Of The Exploding Fist 2)

books with white border click for pdf

invent and write games programs for the spectrum-Noel Williams learn basic programing on the sinclair zx spectrum the century computer programing course zx spectrum+2 user manual zx spectrum+ user manual
Manic Miner limited edition print signed by Matthew Smith No.43/50 Manic Miner limited edition print signed by Matthew Smith No.43/50 certificate of authenticity
Manic Miner limited edition print signed by Matthew Smith No.43/50 with certificate of authenticity,click for larger images


original black/grey ear and mike leads for data recorder
Sinclair+2 Printer cable for Tandy DMP106 and DMP130 printers
4X Sinclair+2 psu
Sinclair psu
ZX81 psu
Spectrum +2 s.n U285166
Spectrum +2 s.n U155837 Scrap/Parts
Spectrum +2A s.n U016970 Faulty Tape Mech
Spectrum +2A s.n U091980 Logic Fault
Spectrum +2A s.n E011937 Untested
Spectrum +2B s.n GC14586E029A Logic Fault
Spectrum +3 s.n U270130 Scrap/Parts
7X SJS2 (red/2boxed)
1X SJS2 (yellow)
1X Quickshot 1
Cheetah 125 Special Joystick


zx81 ram packs zx81 keyboard


zx81 basic programming-book


ZX81 s.n Unknown Faulty Keyboard (A-G)
Zx81 s.n Unknown Faulty Keyboard (All Keys)


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