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December 3rd 2005~Wardens Cricket club Kenilworth

Accompanied by: Bonesy & Br2000ad

COMMENTS: Strange choice for a venue but for once located more central in the UK and so easier for me!,but despite its isolation from Warwick train station we simply used a taxi it soon became apparent as we were driven along that reaching Kenilworth on foot was impossible! (A-roads no footpaths).
The club itself was really a medium sized room with a slightly smaller room openly attached where the bar was located. In the center of the larger room was the Jamma+ forums tent with some traders at one side of the room and consoles,pins on the other. The Jamma+ tent was encircled by the arcade cabs and the games were changed by the guys at certain intervals. Things started quietly but people gradually started to arrive and by the afternoon it was quite busy!,there were only a few traders i would of liked more but there was no more space for more traders inside anyway. Just off the bar area was a very small rectangular room were food could be purchased also something i had not seen before `Pachinkos` imported from Japan i presume, these things are nice to look with colour screen displays,flashing lights and the loud clattering of ball bearing noise but i am unsure of their success as a form of entertainment. More retro guests present here too a few examples are Archer Mclean,Rob Hubbard and the Oliver Twins but the Q &A was a utter joke with the noise from the games in the adjoining room drowning out any speech especially Archer`s,the amp was adjusted and some headway was made with a lecture from Philip Oliver on the future consoles of what i could actually hear over the gaming noise was quite interesting. But by 6:30pm-7:00pm i found myself walking in circles like a caged animal and it was time to leave-or so i thought! the taxi firm who dropped us of at the venue said they was fully booked and would not collect us so started a scramble for another taxi firm and after another hours wait we made it back to Warwick station. It was my third retro venue and Bonsey`s and Br2000ad`s first but i think they were impressed.
Jj rating 6/10
Br2000ad rating 7/10
Bones rating 8/10
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Video footage at bottom of page

My Cosmic Alien hi-score which was there at least as long as i was :) Cosmic Alien with stars effect Pacman cabinet Q&A which was a joke
Br2000ad and bonesy (standing) Br200ad br2000ad closeup of play retro game area Pachinko world! these things are pretty,but as a game? retro passion more of retro passion roundup and apache arcade games pinballs at the retroball 2005 more pinballs at the retroball 2005 and even more pinballs at the retroball 2005 Jamma+ spam watching daveO-cocktail
sorry about poor picture

Video Footage

Main area at the retro ball 2005 (2MB-12sec)

Mame cabs (2MB-10sec)

Dave O of jamma+ playing on Cocktail with i think `Yorkshire Spam` watching (1.5MB-8sec)

My score on Cosmic Alien 15770pts (1MB-5sec)  I believe it was there all Saturday smile gif

Pachinko`s!! (2MB-9sec)

More Pachinko`s (2.5MB-9sec)  ooooo! pretty lights

Pachinko`s again (1MB-3sec)  more pretties!,clattering of balls and tunes.


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