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NAME:  Majestic Arcade:  Modern name = BETFRED the bonus king
TYPE:  Amusement Arcade
LOCATION:  38-40 High St - Bilston

COMMENTS:  Thanks to both Mark Evans and then his friend Cookie for contacting me through email with their memories of this location,Starting with Marks memories below and Cookies at the bottom of page i have decided to quote them almost word for word rather than explain the location in my own words-Jj.

(Mark) Situated about 8 doors from the `Trumpet` pub in the High St,it was run by 2 guys who were both called `Tom` for some reason and after 4pm a really nice woman named `Bet` worked there. The arcade always had a sign on the door boldly stating "NO PERSONS UNDER 18 ALLOWED UNLESS ACCOMPANIED BY ADULT" that was total crap all it meant basically was don`t come in during school hours or you will be thrown out. I frequented this place for about 15 years and can always remember a picture displayed in the `change kiosk` of the owner with Benny from Crossroads when it was first opened (some time in 70`s i suspect?`)and remember spending ages watching people play `MagMax` in a sit down cabinet in the window before i eventually went in.
When you entered it had all the usual fruities at the front then at the back you had a darkened area with all the arcade machines (usually about 15) and it was always full of cigarette smoke at the back of the shop,the games were always 20p,3 for 50p or 7 for £1. Majestic closed about 97/98 and it is now a betting shop.

Below is a list of games i can remember being there at some point..

Known arcade games that have been at this location...

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Commando-Capcom Double Dragon-Technos Dragon Ninja-Data East Euro League arcade game Final Fight-Capcom Football Champ-Taito Galaxian-Namco Joe and Mac-Data East Kung-Fu Master-Irem Michael Jacksons Moonwalker-Sega Pacland-Namco Pang-Mitchell Paperboy-Atari Puzzle Bobble-Taito Rastan-Taito Robocop-Data East Rolling Thunder-Namco Shadow Dancer-Sega Shadow Warriors-Tecmo Shinobi-Sega Snow Bros (Nick&Tom)-Toaplan Splash!-Gaelco Tumble Pop-Data East World Cup 90-Tecmo WWF Superstars-Technos WWF Wrestlefest-Technos
Also there was a Batman Pinball here.

(Cookie) I would just like to add a few of my memories to this web page. My mother owned a lovely cafe on the high street about 10 doors up from Majestic . One day after me asking to go there about 101 times, she decided to take me , we went in and my mom asked whether it would be alright for me to play on the arcade machines while she went shopping , of course the answer was YES , at this point I would be about 11/12 yrs old. From that day on i was there every Saturday while my mom was at work , it was great (1991). About 6 months on i put a pound into a "GAMBLING MACHINE" (Andy Cap was the game) and won £ 3.00 , i never played the arcade games in the back again i was hooked on gambling machines. To be fair the machines did pay up on a regular basis but i was 12 and £10/£15 was a bonus. Anyway these are a few of the Gambling Machines that i remember : Andy Cap, Frank en Stein, Pink Panther, The Gambler, Del Boys Millions, Hot Rod, Viva Las Vegas, Casino Crazy, Spell Bound, O's and X's, Spotted Dick, Seven Heaven.



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