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CGC (Crap Games Competition) 2013 Entry

This is my entry into the CGC 2013,designing LTL has been an interesting experience and the game was built in just 10 Hrs using the `Shoot Em Up Designer`(S.E.U.D) by Jonathan Cauldwell. The Game is quite tough but can be completed very quickly once attack patterns have been memorized,please download and read the instructions before you play.

48K/128K ZX Spectrum

Game File Instructions
Larry The Lander (.tap file) Instructions (.txt file)

Terry the turtle on the beach
LEVEL 1 - Whiteoids.
Terry The Turtle in the underground ruins
LEVEL 2 - Redoids.

Terry the turtle exploring the cave system
LEVEL 3 - Megentoids (The Maze).
Terry the turtle meets Medusa
LEVEL 4 - Greenoids and the Boss "COMMODORECRASS".



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