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NAME:  KHANS Amusements  16th Mar 2010:UPDATE ="Dixie Chicken"
TYPE:  Pool Room
LOCATION:  Great Bridge -across the road from Harri guptas chippy (now Kiddies Corner)

COMMENTS:  Now this was a place!-back in the day this pool room was a bit of a gem and was popular with the local youth (like us) it was run by Brum & Marge a really nice couple. Walking in through the central doors you had a Space Invader pinball to the immediate left and further along the left wall would be a couple or so arcade cabs. Along the far right wall was Brums own Dedicated `Mad Alien` Cab! the pool tables them selves used most of the remaining available space. The games here were generaly on harder dip settings but often only 10p per play so cheaper than some other locations (hard game-high turnover of 10p`s).The pool room finally closed in around 1993 and the building is now a restaurant `al-sahiba` but we still often remember Brum & Marge and wonder what they are upto now days thinking smiley.
Due to the high number of titles the clip viewing windows have been moved to the middle of the thumbnails-also any games that appear in this location in its new incarnation `Dixie Chicken` will have an image border,thanks to local enthusiast Br2000ad for the extra input with this location.

Known arcade games that have been at this location...

(5th Jan 2013) Shock Troopers

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1942-Capcom Aliens-Konami Alien Storm-Sega Arkanoid-Taito Art Of Fighting-SNK Bomb Jack-Tehkan Bubble Bobble-Taito B-Wings -Data East Cabal-TAD Captain Commando-Capcom Chelnov-Data East Combat Tribes-Technos Commando-Capcom Crime City-Taito Crude Buster-Data East Demons World-Toaplan Devastators-Konami Double Dragon-Technos Double Dragon 2-Technos DJ Boy-Kaneko Dragon Ninja-Data East E-swat -Sega Exerion-Jaleco Fatal Fury-King Of Fighters-SNK Fatal Fury 2 (Garou Densetsu 2: Arata-naru Tatakai)-SNK Final Blow-Taito Final Fight-Capcom Flying Shark-Taito Football Champ-Taito Gang Wars-Aplha Ghost n Goblins-Capcom Ghouls n Ghosts-Capcom Gorf-Midway Golden Axe-Sega Green Beret-Konami Great Gurianos-Taito Guerrilla War-SNK Heavy Barrel-Data East Iron Horse-Konami King of Boxer-Woodplace Kung-Fu Master-Irem Mad Alien-Data East


Mission660-Taito Missing In Action-Konami Midnight Resistance-Data East Mortal Kombat-Midway Michael Jacksons Moonwalker-Sega Ninja Spirit-Irem Pit Fighter-Atari POW (Prisoners Of War)-SNK Raiden-Seibu Kaihatsu Rainbow Islands-Taito Rampage-Bally Midway Rastan-Taito Return Of The Invaders-Taito Road Blasters-Atari Road Fighter-Konami R-Type -Irem R-Type 2-Irem Robocop-Data East Robocop 2-Data East Rush `n` Crash (Speed Rumbler)-Capcom Rygar-Tecmo Salamander-Konami Sauro-Tecfri Secret Agent (Sly Spy US)-Data East Section Z-Capcom Shadow Warriors-Tecmo Shinobi-Sega Shock Troopers-Saurus Side Arms-Capcom The Simpsons-Konami Sky Soldiers-SNK Slap Fight-Taito Solomons Key-Tecmo Splater House-Namco Star Force-Tehkan Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition-Capcom Street Smart-SNK Sunset Riders-Konami Super Contra-Konami Space Pilot (Time Pilot Bootleg)-Konami Superman-Taito Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Konami Toki-TAD Thundercade-Taito Tiger Heli-Taito Trojan-Capcom Tumble Pop-Data East Twin Eagle-Seta/Taito Vapor Trail (Hyper Offence Formation)-Data East Vendetta-Konami Vigilante-Irem Vulcan Venture-Konami Willow-Capcom World Cup 90-Tecmo




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