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IFTIKERS Fish & Chip Shop

TYPE: Fish & Chip shop
LOCATION:(present day `Wing Fat`) Carters Green,West Bromwich

COMMENTS: The son of the family who owned the shop was named `iftika` or `Ifticker` (sorry if that is spelt incorrectly) so we refered to the chippy as Iftickers!.The entrance was in fact a row of orange doors connected together along the front of the chippy, i think all the connected doors could be pushed to one side in summer otherwise the far left door was used. To the left of the front and upon entering the counter ran left/right against the back wall with the 4 cabinets against the right wall.
This place does hold strong memories for me from our coin-op playing days as i went to the near-by George Salter High School and in our dinner time we would travel up the high street to buy chips and play the games.(not my cousin because he went to the rival school of `Hill Top`rasssp! smiley ).This location holds a few `Firsts` for me as it was the first time i had seen `Monster Mash` arcade cabinets these cabs for those of you who have not seen them they are tall and flat facing-i do recall moments were you could not see the monitor screen if the sun was shinning due to the glare,it was also the first time i witnessed the `Phoenix bug` Phoenix was actually in the monster mash machine and the bug is were you shoot the warbirds as they retreat up the screen and suddenly your score increases by something like 200,000 Pts-it happened to me a few times.COOL! smiley
Games i recall the most in this location were Scramble,Phoenix,Portman,Amidar and Crazy Gobbler which was a pacman/hangley man clone with garish colours and high pitched sound and man! it was rock hard to play!,There was no name on game demo so we called it by the name on the marque.
I have yet to see a similar conversion on Mame or anywhere else.

Known arcade games that have been at this location...

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Amidar-Konami Crazy Gobler-Hangley man bootleg Crazy Kong-Falcon Pengo-Sega Phoenix-Centuri Pisces-Subelectro Port man-Nova Scramble-Konami/Stern Cosmic Dust (Uni Wars S bootleg)-Irem



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