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HILL TOP FISH BAR (est.1968)

NAME: Hill Top Fish Bar
TYPE: Fish & Chip Shop
LOCATION: Hill Top-West Bromwich

COMMENTS: Well this is the one!!! the Hill Top Fish Bar is the earliest memory both me and my cousin probably have of ever seeing an arcade cabinet for the first time!.Of course this is a distant memory for both of us but it goes something like this...Our family lived in Hill Top and we were sent to Hill Top Fish Bar to fetch the tea (in those days it was quite safe to sent a couple of kids anywhere to fetch something)-anyway upon walking into the shop we were confronted by two huge cabinets,of course it was not our first visit there but the first time we has seen such games before and i recall us both peering into the screens and watching with fascination we were truly bitten and i imagine the arcade game enthusiasm pretty much started from there on.
At the time of typing this i work in Wednesbury and on the morning shift i catch the 79 bus which passes the chippy and i have to look at it,not just for the arcade nostalgia but i think of both grand parents who lived in Hill Top then but are no longer with us.
Not many games here but strong memories here for me of `Frogger` and `Astro Galaxy` which is an Astro Fighter bootleg.

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Astro Galaxy (Astro Fighter-Bootleg) Frogger-Konami Space Invaders-Taito



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