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HARRY GUPTA`s Fish&Chip Shop

TYPE:  Fish & Chip shop
LOCATION: Great Bridge-Tipton

COMMENTS: Located just over the road from Brum & Marges `Pool Room` and just before the `Great Bridge Cafe` (The Cafe) was a chippy we named fondly after the guy who ran the shop `Harry Gupta`.
I remember Harry the owner of this chippy being friendly and like the other places to play arcade games in Great Bridge the games were pretty good. Games were seen here that you may not always see else were despite other places in the area obviously having the same amusement supplier. The shop is now "KIDDIES KORNER" (kids clothing/uniforms) and is still owned by Harry but with a change of trade!.
NOTE* The Asteroids at this location was a clone known as `PLANET`

*UPDATE* 14th Oct 07 It appears Harry has finally given up with trading in Great Bridge now and the shop is now `SID Polish Shop`.
*UPDATE* 2011 The shop is now vaccant.
*UPDATE* 2012 The shop is now Sandwell Homes Shop.
*UPDATE* 2014 The shop is now Studio 13 - (Hair) .

Known arcade games that have been at this location...

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1942-Capcom Aso-SNK Battlezone-Atari Checkman-Zilec Zinitone Donkey Kong-Nintendo Eswat-Sega Final Blow-Taito Final Fight-Capcom Flying Shark-Taito Gryzor-Konami Makai Mura (Ghost n Goblins-JPN)-Capcom Hard Puncher (Final Round JPN)-Konami Hot Chase-Konami Hypersports-Komami/Centuri Jail Break-Konami Juno First-Konami Karate Champ-Data East King of Boxer-Woodplace Kung-Fu Master-Irem Legion-Nichibutsu Master Of Weapon-Taito Maze Man (Hangly man/Pacman Variant) Michael Jacksons Moonwalker-Sega Nova 2001-UPL Psycho nics Oscar-Data East P47 Thunderbolt-Jaleco Phoenix-Centuri PLANET arcade game is a copy of Asteroids. Rally-X -Namco Rastan-Taito Road Fighter-Konami Robocop-Data East Robocop 2-Data East Return Of The Invaders-Taito R-Type -Irem R-Type 2 -Irem Rush`n`Attack (Green Beret US)-Konami Rygar-Tecmo Shadow Warriors-Tecmo Shadow Dancer-Sega Shinobi-Sega Silkworm-Tecmo Space Invaders Pt II-Taito Street Smart-SNK Turbo Outrun-Sega Twin Cobra-Taito Twin Eagle-Taito Video Pool,clone of Video Hustler-Konami (MoonCresta H.ware) Vigilante-Irem WWF Superstars-Technos Yie Ar Kung-Fu -Konami




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