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NAME: Golden Fish Bar (modern name: Kebab Grill & Pizza Bar)     *UPDATE* March 2014 - This location has been demolished along with several adjoining shops. :(
TYPE: Fish & Chip shop
LOCATION: West Bromwich High St (B`ham side of town centre)

COMMENTS: Whoooaa!! its only when my cousin gave me the list of games that had appeared at this location it occurred to me this chippy has had more arcade game titles than some arcades!,even at one point a Star Wars Cockpit! drool gif (drool!).Not bad considering it was just the regular size for a chippy. This chippy is just past West Bromwich town center as you re-join the high st to the left hand side.
Due to the number of arcade titles known at this location i have placed the animation viewing windows in the centre of the thumb pics!

Known arcade games that have been at this location...

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1943-Capcom Bay Route-Sega/Sunsoft Cabal-TAD Champion Wrestler-Taito Choplifter-Sega Chopper1-SNK Combat Tribes-Technos Commando-Capcom Continental Circus-Taito Cosmic Alien-Universal Crazy Cop-Konami Crime City-Taito Crude Buster-Data East DJ Boy-Kaneko Donkey Kong-Nintendo Double Dragon 3-Technos Double Dragon-Technos Dragon Ninja-Data East Dyger-Philko Falcon-BGV (Phoenix-Centuri) Final Round-Konami Final Crash (Final Fight Bootleg)-Capcom Football Champ-Taito Gang Wars-Alpha G.I Joe-Konami Golden Axe-Sega Great Gurianos-Taito Guerrilla War-SNK Hammerin Harry-Irem Haunted Castle-Konami Jail Break-Konami Karate Champ-Data East Karate Champ Ply VS Ply-Data East Karnov-Data East King of Boxer-Woodplace Lady Bug-Universal Last Mission-Data East Mag Max-Nichibutsu Mighty Monkey-Universal Michael Jacksons Moonwalker-Sega Mirax-Current Technology Ltd Mortal Kombat-Midway Super Moon Cresta (Enemy Bullet Version)-Nichibutsu


Mr Do-Universal Operation Wolf-Taito Pit Fighter-Atari POW (Prisoners Of War)-SNK Road Fighter-Konami Rolling Thunder-Namco Rush `n` Crash-Capcom Secret Agent (Sly Spy US)-Data East Section Z-Capcom Shadow Warriors-Tecmo Side Arms-Capcom Shao-Lins Road (Kicker)-Konami Shinobi-Sega Star Force-Tehkan Star Wars (Cockpit)-Atari Street Fighter 2 (Champion Edition)-Capcom Street Smart-SNK Sunset Riders-Konami Superman-Taito Terra Cresta-Nichibutsu Terra Force-Nichibutsu Tiger Road-Capcom Top Speed-Taito Twin Cobra-Taito Twin Eagle-Taito Vigilante-Irem	World Cup 90-Tecmo World Wars-SNK WWF Wrestlefest-Technos



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