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FARLEY`S (BOBS) Fish & Chip Shop

NAME:  Farley`s (or Bobs)
TYPE:  Fish & Chip shop
LOCATION:  Oldbury road West Bromwich (in between side streets Atlas Gro & Lawley st)

COMMENTS:  Referred to as `Farley`s` by us and `BOBS Chippy ` by the more local population this fish & chip shop in Oldbury road was quite small but appears to have had a fare share of arcade game titles on location.
Standing in front of the building the door was in the right side of shop front with the cab central with its back against the window, memories here of an incident involving someone who lived near by who went to the same school,i will not mention his name but refer to him as LG!.Me and my cousin were either side of LG as he played King Of Boxer and it was pi**ing him off!,when he finally lost his temper he pulled down heavily on the joystick and the whole cabinet started to fall forward. LG was only small in height and if me and my cousin had not been there to grab the top of the cabinet it would of crushed him!.
Thanks to local enthusiast Br2000ad for the extra input with this location.

Known arcade games that have been at this location...

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B-Wings -Data East Circus Charlie-Konami Donkey Kong-Nintendo Flash Gal-Sega Galivan-Cosmo Police -Nichibutsu Get Star (copy of 'Guardian')-Taito Ghost n Goblins-Capcom Iron Horse-Konami Jail Break-Konami King of Boxer-Woodplace Kung-Fu Master -Irem Lady Bug-Universal Mirax-Current Technologies Ltd Pacland-Namco Pengo-Sega Pitfall 2-Sega Puckman-Namco Rush`n`Attack (Green Beret US)-Konami Section Z-Capcom Slap Fight-Taito Solomons Key-Tecmo Time Pilot 84-Konami Tokio-Taito Track and Field-Konami Trojan-Capcom



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