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The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain (older) The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain The Citadel Of Chaos The Citadel Of Chaos (older) The Forest Of Doom Starship Traveller City Of Theives Island Of the Lizard King Scorpion Swamp Caverns Of The Snow Witch House Of Hell Talisman Of Death Space Assasssin Freeway Fighter The Rings Of Kether Seas Of Blood Appointment with F.E.A.R Rebel Planet Demons Of The Deep Sword Of The Samurai Trial Of Champions Robot Commando Masks Of Mayhem Creature Of Havoc Beneath Nightmare Castle Crypt Of The Sorcerer  Star Rider Phantoms Of Fear Midnight Rogue Chasms Of Malice Battleblade Warrior Slaves Of The Abyss Sky Lord Stealer Of Souls Daggers Of Darkness Armies Of Death Portal Of Evil Vault Of The Vampire Master Of Chaos Black Vein Prophecy The Keep Of The Lich Lord Spectral Stalkers Tower Of Destruction The Crimson Tide Moonrunner Siege Of Sardath Return To Firetop Mountain Island Of The Undead Night Dragon Legend Of Zagor Deathmoor Curse Of The Mummy
Shamutanti Hills Khare-Cityport Of Traps The Seven Serpents The Crown Of Kings Dungeoneer Blacksand! Out Of The Pit (small) Titan (small) Titan (large)
Fighting Fantasy The Riddling Reaver The Troll Tooth Wars

Clash Of The Princes-Box Clash Of The Princess-The Warlocks Way Clash Of The Princes-The Warriors Way


The Colour Of Magic The Light Fantastic Equal Rites Mort Wyrd Sisters Wyrd Sisters (US?) Pyramids Guards! Guards! Moving Pictures Small Gods Small Gods (US?) Lords And Ladies Interesting Times Soul Music (US?) HogFather Jingo Thud!

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The Caverns Of Kalte Castle Death The Jungle Of Horrors
Dragons Of Autumn Twilight Dragons Of Winter Night Dragons Of Spring Dawning
The Eye Of The Dragon The Hobbit The Hobbit The Fellowship Of The Ring


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