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NAME:  Daviles (Davilles?) modern day name is "Agora"
TYPE:  Arcade (2 floors)
LOCATION: New St-Birmingham

COMMENTS:  In the early 90`s we used to visit this arcade often on a Saturday and it was quite a high point in our arcade game playing era,the arcade is located in New St on the corner of the junction with Bennets Hill just before Sun Valley amusements (which we would visit after Daviles and is located opposite.)
Entering through the corner doors you climb up a step or to in to the ground floor which was then mainly fruit machines,this has not changed to the present day. To the left against the wall was the staircase leading down and twisting back on itself under the main floor to the basement level this is where all the video games were located,again there still may be some down there i have not been in recently but last time i paid a visit it was mainly the modern games such like some tosh basket ball effort, `Jambo Safari` and `Lost World` (Jurassic Park) oh! and yes....some Capcom Street fighters (yawn!!) same old same old! smiley

In the 90`s it was a little different, the arcade games filled almost all available floor space with some of the games like afterburner on the ground floor near the stairs,the arcade had two floors even if the areas were small there were many games to play as you squeezed along the small paths to reach the desired machine.
Regarding the number of different game titles that appeared here who knows?!... me and my cousin only heard about this place in the 90`s and an arcade with this many visitors could no doubt afford to change its games on a regular basis but there is more!,not long after i purchased my computer in 2002 i was searching google for arcade related information and i stumbled on an a webpage in the US that mentioned Daviles and stated that competitions were often held there and mentioned that guys from the US would travel over here to the UK to Birmingham and play against the guys over here. If true i can imagine that must of been pretty exciting but this also means that Daviles could of had all the classic games at that time on location! and that is the information i am looking for to complete this page. Further attempts to relocate this US webpage have failed so if anybody recalls and can confirm these contests or even has taken part in them contact me using the email on the locations page.

Due to the number of games known in this location the clip viewing windows have been placed in the middle of the thumbnails ;)

Known arcade games that have been at this location...

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Afterburner-Sega Asteroids-Atari Cabal-TAD Chase HQ-Taito Crazy Taxi-Sega Crisis Zone-Namco Double Dragon (MVS)-Technos Devastators-Konami DJ Boy-Kaneko Final Fight-Capcom Final Round-Konami Flying Shark-Taito Gauntlet II-Atari Golden Axe-Sega Gradius 3-Konami Guerrilla War-SNK Halleys Comet-Taito Ikari 3-SNK Image Fight-Irem Jambo Safari-Sega arcade game Lost World (Jurrasic Park)-Sega Lunar Rescue-Taito Main Event-SNK Marvel Super Heroes-Capcom Marvel Super Heroes Vs Capcom-Capcom Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter-Capcom Midnight Resistance-Data East Nemesis-Konami Nostradamus-Face Operation Wolf-Taito


Outrun-Sega Paperboy-Atari Pit Fighter-Atari Pole Position-Namco Rampage-Midway Robocop-Data East Rolling Thunder-Namco SAR (Search And Rescue)-SNK Secret Agent (Sly Spy US)-Data East Street Fighter EX2-Capcom Shinobi-Sega Shock Troopers-Saurus Side Arms-Capcom Side Pocket-Data East Street Fighter Alpha 2-Capcom Soldier Of Light (Xain D Sleena)-Technos Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo-Capcom Star Force-Tehkan Super Contra-Konami Super Earth Invasion-Competitive Video Super Hang-On-Sega Super Sprint-Atari Thunderblade-Sega Thunder Cross-Konami Time Soldiers-Romstar Wonderboy-Sega X-men Vs Street Fighter-Capcom



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