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Birthday June 1st 2005

COMMENTS: It rained on and off all day and i got soaked through,i have taken some pictures of cabs but stopped after a while as the arcade security staff were watching me everywhere using radios as if i was a mass criminal!.Although the video games were few and far between or just plain faulty i did visit the other attractions on the sea front which as a whole were quite good.

Jj rating 7/10

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Beach Amusements-Blackpool Boulevard Amusements-Blackpool Boulevard Amusements-Blackpool Blackpool sandcastle-amusements inside Carousel amusements-Blackpool Coral Island-Blackpool Fun palace-Blackpool Happy Days Amusements-Blackpool Happy Days Amusements-Blackpool Lucky Star Arcade-Blackpool Oasis Amusements Blackpool-closed down Olympia lesiure-Blackpool Slots of fun-Blackpool South pier amusements-Blackpool

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Burnin force-Pacman booty -Space Invaders Part II Burnin force,Pacman clone and Space Invaders Part II Lucky and Wild in Sand Castle amusements Crusin Exotica-arcade game Manx TT 4way set up Maximum Tune-Arcade game Outrun 2-Sega Space Invaders Part II the Tripple Space Invaders Part II in Boulevade amusements-Blackpool


Preston train station BP south station view Boulevard view facing N bigone S of pleasure.b facing N south pier south pier beach

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