Mag Max arcade game clip


Over time i have made several coin-op animations of arcade games around 400 in total!.I have seen a few find there way to forums but i have also uploaded a few myself to KLOV (The Killer List Of Killer Games) such as Battle Atlantis,Gladiator,Konami GT, Jump Bug,Kung-Fu Master,Lady Bug,MagMax,Mayday,Moon Cresta, Cheeky Mouse,MrDo vs Unicorns,Pengo,Tazzmania,Uni-WarS,etc,etc.. The animation process can take as little as 20mins and the resulting animation can be from 250KB to 5MB depending on length and number of colours,although on one occasion i did Last Resort on NEOGEO the resulting animation was 13MB and that's when it had been stripped to 32 colours! Of course the lengh of the animation is very important too i try to keep them very short and strip the colours down whenever possible,this makes the old B & W raster games the lowest in file size. The MAGMAX clip at the top of this page is 1.78MB (you can move the mouse curser over the image to run the clip!) I create these animations for FUN nothing more,if you would like a small animation creating of your favourite game send me a mail and i will create it for you.

Space Harrier arcade game animation


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