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3d boxing-Amstrad 3d chess-Amstrad 3d stunt rider-Amstrad 4 soccer-Amstrad 123-Amstrad action pack 2 may 1991-Amstrad action pack 3 june 1991-Amstrad action pack 4 july 1991-Amstrad action pack 5 august-Amstrad action pack 6 september 1991-Amstrad action pack 7 october 1991-Amstrad action pack 8 novermber-Amstrad action pack 9 december 1991-Amstrad action pack 10 january 1992-Amstrad action pack 11 febuary 1992-Amstrad action pack 12 march 1992-Amstrad action pack 13 april 1992-Amstrad action pack 14 may 1992-Amstrad action pack 16 july 1992-Amstrad action pack 17 august 1992-Amstrad action pack 18 september 1992-Amstrad action pack 19 october 1992-Amstrad action pack 20 november-Amstrad action pack 21 december 1992-Amstrad action pack 22 january 1993-Amstrad action pack 26 may 1993-Amstrad action pack 28 july 1993-Amstrad airwolf-Amstrad airwolf 2-Amstrad animal vegetable mineral-Amstrad atom smasher-Amstrad batman-Amstrad beach head-Amstrad bomb jack 2-Amstrad bridge it -Amstrad Burning rubber / Locomotive Basic-Amstrad water ski challenge-Amstrad chase hq-Amstrad chuckie egg-Amstrad classic arcadia-Amstrad cluedo-Amstrad cobra-Amstrad codename mat 2-Amstrad combat school-Amstrad Daley Thompsons super test day 1-Amstrad Daley Thompsons super test day 2-Amstrad danger mouse-Amstrad double dragon 2-Amstrad driller-Amstrad easi-amsword-Amstrad fantasy world dizzy-Amstrad football-manager-Amstrad football manager world cup-Amstrad forgotten worlds-Amstrad F1 simulator-Amstrad frank bruno-Amstrad fruit machine-Amstrad future bike simulator-Amstrad ghost busters 2-Amstrad guardian angel-Amstrad hard drivin-Amstrad harrier attack-Amstrad hunchback 2-Amstrad international karate plus-Amstrad Indiana Jones and the temple of doom-Amstrad italian super car-Amstrad kick off-Amstrad magic land dizzy-Amstrad manchester utd-Amstrad miami cobra gt-Amstrad miami vice-Amstrad monopoly-Amstrad moto x sim-Amstrad mutant fortress-Amstrad nemesis-Amstrad ninja commando-Amstrad oh mummy-Amstrad one man and his droid-Amstrad operation gunship-Amstrad operation thunderbolt-Amstrad outrun-Amstrad overlander-Amstrad pack of aces-Amstrad pro boxing simulator-Amstrad qabbalah-Amstrad quattro firepower-Amstrad rambo 3-Amstrad red heat-Amstrad renegade 3-Amstrad road blasters-Amstrad rockstar ate my hamster-Amstrad roland on the ropes-Amstrad saigon combat unit-Amstrad scalextric-Amstrad cpmputer scrabble-Amstrad seymour-hollywood -Amstrad shanghai warriors-Amstrad sholin road-Amstrad shinobi-Amstrad short circuit-Amstrad smash tv-Amstrad street gang-Amstrad subway vigilante-Amstrad sultans maze-Amstrad super hangon-Amstrad super stock car-Amstrad super stuntman-Amstrad super tank-Amstrad techno cop-Amstrad the bounty hunter-Amstrad the galactic plaque-Amstrad the race-Amstrad the trap door-Amstrad the untouchables-Amstrad the vindicators-Amstrad the way of the tiger-Amstrad the way of the tiger avenger-Amstrad timeman one-Amstrad trivial pursuit-Amstrad turbo bike-Amstrad turbo cup-Amstrad turrican 2-Amstrad war machine-Amstrad world cup challenge-Amstrad world series baseball-Amstrad xanagrams-Amstrad yie ar kung fu


AA Christmas Cassette (Untouchables/Sun Crossword/Gunslinger/Word Processor/Typewriter/Tape-To-Disk), Amstrad Action CoverTape-oct 1990 (Iron Man/Tau Ceti), Amstrad Action (Puznic/LostCaves/Space Froggy/Tape to Disk), Amstrad Action Pack (Forbidden Planet/Sprite designer+driver/AA79 Type-Ins.Pokes Galore/Adams Family demo), Amstrad Action Pack 24 (Steve Davis Snooker/Lara/Type-Ins/Pokes), Afterburner, Armageddon Man, A View To A Kill, Batman The Movie, Battle Ships, Bubble Bobble, Buggy Boy, Computer Maniacs Diary, Daley Thomson's Olympic Challenge, Double Dragon, Exploding Fist, Ghost Busters, Hostages, Indian Jones and the Temple Of Doom, Indoor Soccer, Livingstone, MicroValue VOL.2. (Battle of the Planets/Future Shock), Moving Target, Oh Mummy, Roland In The Caves, Street Fighter, Sultans Maze, Super Stunt Man, The In Crowd TAPE 2 (Crazy Cars/Target Renegade), The In Crowd TAPE 3 (Predator), The In Crowd TAPE 5 (Barbarian/Combat School), The Galactic Plague, The Race Against Time, The Running Man, Total Eclipse 2 (The Sphinx Jinx), Trivial Pursuit, WEC Le Mans, Welcome To Amstrad (Continuous/user Demonstration), Vigilante, Xanagrams.


Amastrad CPC 464 s.n 553-7818431
Amastrad CPC 464 Plus s.n 531-0767517


464 user instruction manual


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