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~GAME-ON (2007)~

17th Feb 2007~London Science Museum

Both the train tickets and Game-on tickets arrived promptly in the post and on the day i caught the 8:00am train and after a change at Watford junction i reached Kensington Olympia at around 10:45am,from there i had a nice stroll along Kensington high st to the museums.
On the ticket it stated i was to arrive at the exhibition between 11:45am-12:00am as i was 15 mins early i had a little walk around the near-by Spitfire displays before entering the exhibition..the first thing i encountered was of course the PDP-1,Spacewars and Pong (as with the last Game-on in 2002)with two rows of the classic cabs near by and the Space Invader area where there 2 cocktails and Mame linked up to a projector (as before).
Following this to the left led to the first of many enclosed areas containing a mixture of consoles and computers in display cases which could be played with the odd cab tucked up a corner such as the German `Poly Play` and the impressive `Maneater`.Towards the back of these areas it opened up a final time to a large area with various retro items in domed display cases and 3 consoles linked to huge projectors where the likes of Wii sports and Guitar hero were playing.
I did not really go to the exhibition to play to be honest as thanks to programs such as MAME i have the facility to play a lot of games at home but i went to the exhibition to see some of the old hardware itself and its always nice to see some of the older consoles and computers powered up doing their job just as they would of done years ago.The only thing i played was Moon Cresta on the MAME projector obtaining a score of 30K (3rd time around)it was very busy not just at the exhibition but the museums (Natural History in particular) because the kids were off school so even taking photos was difficult let a lone getting to play anything but this just helped the gaming arcade like atmosphere. Overall despite still struggling with my Capillo R2 digital camera and Discs Of Tron becoming faulty it was a good exhibition with atmosphere and a good if not tiring day out all round for me.

Jj rating 8/10
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Computer space Red/Blue Computer space Red/Blue Computer space control panel blue Computer space control panel red PDP-1 PDP-1 PDP-1 PDP-1 Atari 7800 Arcade Cabs Arcade Cabs Arcade Cabs Brown Box Maneater Control Panel Star Wars Cockpit Table Top Games on Display Table Top Games on Display Power Glove Tamagotchi on Display Dragons Lair prints Dragons Lair prints Pokemon in display case Tomb Raider area Pictures of well known characters on wall of final area Framed retro mags Discs Of Tron Panel in dark Discs Of Tron Panel in light

PDP-1 Computer space-red Computer space-blue Missile Command Pong 1 Pong 2 Projectr/Mame-DK shown Maneater cab Maneater cab Maneater cab German Cab PolyPlay Pokeman Items On Display Bafta awarded to Tomb Raider Posters in Tombraider area Posters in Tombraider area Pachinko`s Discs of Tron light Discs of Tron dark bug head cab light bug head cab dark Spacewars Donkey kong -OutOfOrder Crash! mag-i used to own that edition ;) Computers in Science museum

Video Footage

Main Area as you enter. (1.5MB-12sec)

...and from the far side. (2.8MB-14sec)

Some of the cabs in main area. (1.5MB-13sec)

console and computer area. (2.8MB-14sec)

....and another view. (3.2MB-21sec)

....and some close-ups!. (4.8MB-24sec)

Games connected to projectors. (800 KB-10sec)

...again from another angle. (1.9MB-15sec)

Spacewars. (514KB-17sec)


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